Central senior Herlitzke starts own business, hosting 3-on-3 basketball tournament for 1st venture

Mason Herlitzke is going to graduate from Central High School later this month and enroll in UW-La Crosse this fall, but he’s already getting a head start getting into the business world.

Herlitzke comes from a family of business owners. He’s following suit by forming Ten Mile Enterprises LLC, and with his love of sports, is making his first venture a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament that he’ll host in mid-June.

He’ll host at Duct Tape Lodge south of La Crosse, a place his family has rented out to hunters in the past and has more recently been a site for family parties.

Herlitzke plans to put in a concrete basketball court on the property to host this 3×3 tournament and hopefully create a yearly tradition for the La Crosse community.

“I’ve always wanted to start a business, LLC, because my dad has a few. It’s inspiring to see that, and I don’t want to be given anything. I want to earn everything and want to build my own legacy,” Herlitzke said. “Duct Tape Lodge is something my dad and grandparents built up here in 2002 and it’s been growing and expanding ever since. We’ve had events up here from grad parties, bachelor parties, weddings.

“I want to get sports involved, so we’re going to put a basketball court up here. I just want people to have a good time and be able to create something that eventually is memorable for kids. I want kids to look forward to the Ten Mile Tournament every year.”

3 On 3 Tourney ImageHere is the official flyer for the event. Herlitzke and his dad plan to pour the concrete at the end of the month and have sponsor logos line a retaining wall behind where the hoop will go. He’s got 24 team spots–14 have already registered, of kids aged 14-20. Teams have an entry fee, but spectators can come watch the two-day event for free. They’ll also be selling meal tickets and event T-shirts.

For more information, email TenMileEnterprises@gmail.com