Central High students upset by threat disrupting homecoming

Facebook post leads to early release Friday, rescheduled football game

It’s homecoming week, a time when students are showing their school pride. But a Facebook threat to the safety of students at Central High School in La Crosse forced the district to send them home early Friday and reschedule the homecoming football game.

“I would’ve been fine if school would’ve been canceled any other week, but not this week,” Kiley Blank, a high school senior, said.

Homecoming week is full of excitement.

“This is the one day where there are just a lot of exciting events going on, like the assembly and the football game tonight,” senior Courtney Popp said.

But this year, it’s being replaced by disappointment at Central High School.

“I’m really upset,” senior Ally Dickman said.

That’s because of a Facebook post from a user named ‘Billy Thaclown’ threatening to shoot up the school, which forced school administrators to shut their doors at 9:30 in the morning and reschedule the football game to Saturday afternoon.

“And I don’t know why anyone would do this to us our senior year,” Dickman said.

Students are upset, especially those who won’t get to experience another high school homecoming.

“I was on the homecoming court,” Popp said.

“I was not, I was just an angry senior,” said her friend Brenna Lietky.

“They probably thought it was funny but they’re just causing so many inconveniences and like just sad days for so many people,” Lietky said.

Whether or not it was intended as a joke, ‘Billy Thaclown’s’ post didn’t get any laughs.

“It’s just hard when maybe what could’ve been a joke turns out to be not so funny,” Popp said. “I get why all this is going on but it still is just disappointing.”

“I just wish this wouldn’t have happened,” Lietky said.

The homecoming game is rescheduled to 4:30 p.m. Saturday at UW-L’s Roger Harring Stadium at Veterans. The homecoming dance will be Saturday evening as scheduled.