Central High School to implement clear backpack rule

With the new school year approaching, come new rules.

In an effort to keep schools as safe as possible, starting September 4th, Central High School students won’t be able to bring their backpacks to class, unless they’re clear.

“Students can actually wear their backpacks into school, but then what they have to do is they have to have those in their lockers,” said Central Principal Troy McDonald.

Some students say they’re not in favor of the new rule.

“Students are going to lose a lot of privacy, there’s gotta be a better way,” one student said.

If students don’t want to keep their regular backpacks in their lockers and don’t want to purchase a clear backpack, their only option is to carry their items from class to class.

Which is raising an eyebrow for parent Ann Weidner.

“It feels a little invasive and so many students don’t have time in between class to go back to their lockers.”

While it may not be the clear answer to a big problem, McDonald says in the worst case scenario, he’d rather look back and say they took every safety measure they could.

“I hope that that never happens here but I would certainly feel awful if I had not done everything I could to make sure that the school is safe.”

McDonald says Logan High School has had the same rule for the last seven years.