Central High School hosts show choir competition

First La Crosse Central Grand River Invitational competition

More than 800 high school performers are in La Crosse this weekend.

La Crosse Central High School is hosting their first Show Choir Invitational competition, the La Crosse Central Grand River Invitational. Students from Nebraska, Minnesota, and Wisconsin are taking part in the event.

The new competition takes over the one originally put on each year by the Grand River Singers.

Students say the competition is a good chance to reach out to other performers.

“You really make a lot of friends with show choir. You meet somebody, see them in the hall way, say good job, and then you really get to know them. Now, with social media you put your name on a board and people start following you and you start talking, you make friends from other cities and it’s really group-gathering,” said Central High School Junior Andy Brown.

International performing artist Natalie Weiss offered workshops for the students earlier today as well.