Central and Onalaska holding highly anticipated game despite snow storm

High school sports and snow

ONALASKA, Wis. (WKBT) – If you’re a student-athlete or a parent chances are your evening activities were cancelled because of the snow. However, some schools in La Crosse and Onalaska were still able to play their basketball games Friday night.

Winter storms seem to make things difficult for local athletic directors every year. When events are cancelled school officials have to work together to reschedule the event.

Activities directors at Onalaska and Central High School say it can be tough to find a new date for games. There are only so many days in the school’s busy schedule with numerous events going on.

It takes hours of preparation to welcome hundreds of fans. Fortunately, Onalaska and Central are close to each other so the snow was not a problem Friday. All eyes were on two of the best teams in the state of Wisconsin for the boys. The matchup between the Red Raiders and Hilltoppers has turned into one of the better rivalries in the community. The programs have produced elite level division 1 college talent.

La Crosse Central Activities director Joe Beran said this game creates a lot of memories for people. He enjoys the success many of them have after high school.

“It’s great to see local kids have success,” Beran said. “Every game I check the Toronto Raptors to see if Matt Thomas is getting his minutes and what he got for points. People are always checking the badgers to see how Kobe King is doing. We care about the success of the kids who come out of the basketball programs here.”

Onalaska activities director Jason Thiry is seeing this matchup for the first time. He said he has herd a lot of great things about this rivalry.

There’s respect amongst coaches and players,” Thiry said. “If you are a fan of high school sports, this atmosphere is created because of the quality these two programs bring. It’s going to be an exciting night.”