Celebrating Hmong-Lao Memorial Day

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)- It’s Hmong-Lao Memorial day, and Senator Brad Pfaff and Representative Jill Billings were at Veterans Freedom Park to help celebrate with the Hmong Lao Veterans.

Pfaff and Billings presented a plaque honoring the veterans who fought with the United States in the Vietnam and Laos War.

Billings says what the Hmong-Lao community did for the United States is something to remember forever.

“To thank our Hmong Veterans for the support they gave our troops in Vietnam and to acknowledge what they and their families did for the United States during the Vietnam war,” said Representative Jill Billings.

Representative Billings also talked about how great the Hmong Community is in La Crosse and all over the area.