Celebrating county administrative building

Staff moving to former bank building

La Crosse County board members are celebrating a big retirement.

It’s not for a person. It’s for the County Administrative Building.

As News 8 has reported, the process of moving offices and employees into their new workplace — the former Associated Bank building on 6th and State Streets in La Crosse — is underway.

County board members met for the last time in the old building Thursday night. Their meeting included a small ceremony to share stories and memories, and to acknowledge the building itself for what it has contributed to the community.

“All of the county offices moved to this building in 1965,” says La Crosse County Board Chair Tara Johnson. “It had the jail in here for many years, it had the courtrooms, it was the single building that the county had for all of its offices.”

The move into the new building should be done by Christmas.

At the meeting, board members also heard an update on what the plans on for the old administrative building. Stizo Development LLC now owns it. “It’ll be housing for citizens. Anyone who wants to live here,” says Johnson. “So going back on the tax rolls as housing, really helping to grow the tax base for the city of La Crosse and for La Crosse County.”