CDC: nasal mist flu vaccine not effective

The Centers for Disease Control says the nasal mist version of the flu vaccine should not be used in the upcoming flu season.

The spray is a popular option for parents of kids who don’t react well to shots.

It’s estimated one third of children get the nasal spray vaccine every year.

The CDC says they’re warning against using it this year because it has simply stopped working.

“Two of the last three seasons it hasn’t worked at all. At least in our hands. We haven’t seen any of our data that indicates the vaccine has been effective. On the other hand the flu shot has been effective,” says Joseph Bresee from the CDC.

Experts say the CDC’s recommendation to avoid the mist vaccine could put hospitals in a bind because many have already placed their orders for the flu vaccine.

Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse says with the mist no longer being recommended they still recommend kids get the traditional shot.

‘Receiving the injectable flu vaccine far outweighs the temporary pain of the injection or the possible risk of exposure of the flu influenza to your family, friends or the general public.’

They also recommend parents talk to their child’s doctor about ways to reduce anxiety about getting shots.