Cavalier Theater & Lounge in La Crosse sprayed with graffiti

Owner Jason LaCourse wants those who sprayed his building to come forward

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The owner of the Cavalier Theater and Lounge in La Crosse wants those who grafittied his building to come forward — and he knows who they are.

Video from the theater’s security cameras appears to show two people spraying graffiti outside of the theater.

Owner Jason LaCourse says this has happened during three nights during the past week.

The artwork isn’t terrible, but the business will have to pay a city fine if the graffiti isn’t covered up, he said.

LaCourse, who said he knows who did this, is asking the artists to contact him to cover it up and do some community service hours.

“You know, it works out better for us,” LaCourse said. “It works out better for them. You know, they avoid getting anything on their record or having to pay any fines, and we get some projects taken care of here that we need help getting done. So, hopefully he gets a hold of us.”

The theater has 30 days to make the repairs or pay a fine, LaCourse said.

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