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China announces new drills as US delegation visits Taiwan

China has announced more military drills around Taiwan as the self-governing island’s president met with another U.S. congressional delegation. The announcement threatened to renew tensions days after a visit by U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi angered China. Pelosi was the highest-level member of the U.S. government to visit Taiwan in 25 years, and her trip prompted nearly two weeks of threatening military exercises by China. Beijing claims Taiwan as its own. In those drills, it fired missiles over the island and sent warplanes and navy ships across the Taiwan Strait's midline. American and Taiwanese officials have accused China of using Pelosi’s visit as a pretext for intimidating moves. China's defense ministry gave no details about the new drills.

Giuliani targeted in criminal probe of 2020 election

Prosecutors in Atlanta have told Rudy Giuliani's lawyers that he is a target of their criminal investigation into possible illegal attempts by then-President Donald Trump and others to interfere in the 2020 general election in Georgia. Giuliani's lawyer said Monday the special prosecutor sent notification that the former New York mayor, later a lawyer for Trump, is a target of the investigation by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis. Giuliani said Monday, “You do this to a lawyer, we don’t have America anymore.” Willis has said she is considering calling Trump himself to testify before the special grand jury.