Regional News

Wisconsin GOP gubernatorial primary heats up over gas

The two front-runners in Wisconsin’s Republican primary race for governor are going after one another over gas prices, marking a more negative shift in the race less than five weeks before the Aug. 9 primary. Former Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch attacked rival Tim Michels by name for the first time in a television ad Wednesday where she bemoans high gas prices as she fills up her minivan. Kleefisch has been criticizing Michels in recent interviews, but the ad was the first of its kind from either of the top two candidates. Michels, who is endorsed by Donald Trump, responded with a statement calling the ad “sad” and “completely false.”

Wisconsin court: Sex trafficking can be defense for homicide

The Wisconsin Supreme Court has ruled that a woman may cite sex trafficking as an immunity defense at her trial for killing her alleged trafficker. Wednesday’s decision could help define the limits of criminal liability for trafficking victims across the country. Prosecutors allege Chrystul Kizer shot Randall Volar at his Kenosha home in 2018 when she was 17. She contends Volar was trafficking her for sex and wants to argue that she’s immune from prosecution under a state law that absolves trafficking victims of any offenses resulting from being trafficked. Prosecutors maintained that immunity can’t possibly extend to homicide.

After two year stay, 3-year-old patient discharged from American Family Children’s Hospital

MADISON, Wis. — Kingston Wraggs is only three years old, but he’s seen more adversity than many of us will see in our whole lives. After a two-year stay at American Family Children’s Hospital, he has finally been discharged, something doctors thought may never happen. “We sometimes didn’t think he would ever leave the PICU, or leave the hospital,” nephrologist…