On Your Side

Travel Smart 7/8/11

 When traveling overseas, knowing the best way to pay for purchases and get local currency can save you a lot of hassle.

Best Mustards 7/4/11

 July 4th is probably one of the bigegst grill out days of the year.... but do you have th right mustard to go with all those grill favorites?

Mower Dangers 7/10/11

 Every year, emergency rooms treat some 90 thousand people for mowing injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Consumer Reports has important safety advice.

BBQ Blunders 7/3/11

Your grill is loaded with food and you have a hungry crowd - when suddenly the flame goes out. Consumer Reports has the lowdown on some products designed to help you avoid this barbecue blunder.

40 MPG 6/20/11

 With the high cost of gas, no doubt car commercials that promise 40 miles per gallon are catching lots of people's attention.