In Search Of...Turbo the Cat: Update! 4/28/05

Earlier this year, we told you about an injured stray cat named Turbo and the people who helped save his life. Well a lot has happened to Turbo since we first met him. In this week's In Search of...Jennifer Livingston re-visits the cat...with nine lives.

Beam Central Vacuum FAQ's

How Does A Beam® Central Vacuum System Work? How Does A Beam System Improve Indoor Air Quality? Is The Hose Easy To Use? Is The Suction Power Maintained Throughout The Home?

In Search Of...Steppin' Out in Pink Survivor Spotlight

This Saturday marks the 5th anniversary of the Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation's Steppin' Out in Pink event. The walk raises money for local breast cancer research. Chances are you know someone who's life has been touched by breast cancer. In this week's in search of...NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston spotlights a local survivor you may know very well.