In Search Of...Black Belt Bound (Alahna Keil)

All the time we hear stories about people overcoming obstacles in their lives. Whatever the challenge may be, the people that push through inspire us all. Well one such story is playing our right here in our community. Jennifer Livingston brings us this weeks in search of report.

In Search Of...The Pet Therapy Program 3/4/10

A program through the Coulee Region Humane Society is celebrating a big milestone this year! The Pet Therapy program started back in 1985 with just one dog and one handler. And it's unbelievable just how far it has come. NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston brings us this weeks In Search Of report.

Assignment: Education-Twitter and Education

Twitter. You may have heard the term. And you may or may not know what it is. In this Assignment: Education report, we'll take a look at this social networking site and show you how this fairly new tool is being used at a La Crosse Middle School.

In Search Of... Southern Fried Glass 2/25/10

Are you a glass half full or half empty kind of person? Well whatever your answer - you can find that glass and a lot of other cool pieces of art at a new gallery in the area. NewsChannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston and Photographer Travis Kobs bring us the story in this weeks in search of report.

In Search Of - Snowshoer "Red" Wall

If you are getting cabin fever and counting the days until spring - you're certainly not alone. But you don't have to wait for warmer weather to get outdoors.

In Search Of...The Sweet Shop! 2/15/10

For nearly 90 years, one La Crosse business has helped sweethearts with their sweet treats. This week, NewsChannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston goes in search of one of the sweetest spots around!

In Search Of...Miss Wisconsin: Kristina Smaby

The countdown is on for Miss Wisconsin, Kristina Smaby. The Holmen native left Thursday morning for Las Vegas to rehearse and prepare for the upcoming Miss America pageant. But as you are about to find out, the preparations actually began a long time ago! Jennifer Livingston brings us this weeks in search of report.

In Search Of...Stephen Jerzak Update!

We have an In Search of Update for you this week! It was last summer when we first spotlighted a local teen making a name for himself on the music circuit. Well now his dream is about to come true. NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston brings us the story in this in search of update.

In Search Of...Waitress Elaine Cooper

Customers at a little cafe in Hillsboro, Wisconsin are in for quite a surprise when they place their orders. NewsChannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston and photographer Travis Kobs find out why in this week"S in search of report.

Adoption Update! Schindler Family

November is National Adoption Month and each year we spotlight a local couple that has found their forever family through the help of adoption. Last year we saw the Schindler family of Galesville welcome home a daughter from Guatemala. Well thanks to adoption, their family is growing once again.