In Search Of...The Apple of the Future

It's now officially fall and that means we're right in the middle of the apple pickin' season. We have several apple orchards in the Coulee Region, but none quite like Shefelbine's in Holmen. This week, NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston goes In search of... The apple of the future.

In Search Of...Back to School Shopping 8/25/05

As the clock ticks down on summer vacation, parents are scrambling to make sure everything is ready for the start of the new school year. So this week, we follow some families in search of their back to school supplies.

In Search Of...The Colonel of Kornfest 8/18/05

It's going to be an exciting weekend in Holmen. Kornfest begins today. But did you know Kornfest organizers actually turn to another community to help make it happen? This week, ee go in search of the Colonel of Kornfest.

In Search Of...The La Crosse Blue Stars #2 8/11/05

You might not know this, but La Crosse is home to one of the best drum and bugle corps in the country. And it takes a lot of work to get to the top. This week, Newschannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston continues her search for a day in the life...of a La Crosse Blue Star.

In Search Of...Deke Slayton Museum 7/28/05

All eyes are on NASA and the space program lately. But you don't have to be at the Johnson Space Center in Houston to get a taste of space. This week we go in search of a place that's out of this world.

In Search Of...a local Music Man 7/21/05

At almost every area fair and fest, you'll find a familiar face entertaining the crowd with his music. This week, Newschannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston goes in search of... A man that's striking a chord with area kids.

In Search Of...Legacy Chocolates 7/14/05

Very soon, at a movie theatre near you, you'll be able to catch the latest version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. But there's a local chocolate factory that's getting some national attention. This morning, we go in search of...a local chocolate maker.

In Search Of...Local Winery 7-07-05

The Coulee Region probably isn't the first place you think of when it comes to producing good wine. But there's someone in Trempealeau County that's hoping to change that. This week NewsChannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston goes in search of a man...with a taste for the good life.

In Search Of...Riverfest Commodores 6/30/05

There are lots of special traditions during La Crosse's Riverfest Celebration, starting with the ambassadors who are chosen to promote the festival. This week, Newschannel Eight's Jennifer Livingston...goes In Search of...riverfests craziest bunch!