Farewell to a Beloved Nun 6/8/07

A few years ago, our in search of series spotlighted a beloved nun in the community that was turning one hundred years old. Well this past week, Sister Celestine Cepress passed away at the age of 102. Jennifer Livingston takes a look back at the woman that touched so many.

A Mothers Journey, A Sisters Gift: Update! 5/18/07

It's time for another installment of our award winning 'In search of...' series. This week we have an update! It's a story we first brought you last year about a Rushford couples struggle to become parents and the unexpected surprise that changed their lives. Newschannel 8's Jennifer Livingston checks in one year later to see how life has changed for the family.

Trempealeau Couples Wedding Mishap

We are entering the season for weddings. Most couple choose to go the traditional route, but every now and then you hear of one that is truly out of this world. This week, NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston goes in search of an area couple whose love is sky high!

Limbo Girl! 4/26/07

The guiness book of world records is filled with lots of amazing accomplishments. It's also full of countless bizarre feats as well. And one local girl is hoping she'll be the next person to make the list. NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston goes in search of a girl hoping to roll her way into the record books.

Square Dancing!

Over the years, different dance crazes have come and gone, but one kind of dance has been around for ages and is still going strong!

The Grumpy Old Men!

Jennifer Livingston goes "In Search Of" one area band that's playing to a different kind of crowd.

Luther The Dog: Update!

NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston revisits one of her most loveable "In Search Of" stories.

Speedy Delivery...Update!

Last year, we brought you the unbelievable story of a Spring Grove couple's race against the clock to get to the hospital in time to deliver their twins.

The World's Shortest Run/Walk!

There are lots of events, throughout the year, that help raise money for charities, many of them involve run/walks, and there's one happening, this weekend, that's like no other.

A Warrior On The Court

It's tournament time for college basketball, and NewsChannel 8's Jennifer Livingston goes In Search Of... A Warrior on the Court.