News 8 Eye Piece

News 8 Eyepiece: Live to Paddle

The La Crosse Paddling Club is preparing for an international competition. It's an incredible honor and a milestone for the team. News 8 Now's Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma introduces us to the team of breast cancer survivors who live to…

News 8 Eye Piece: Pedal Pull

Tractor pulls at county fairs are always a crowd favorite. Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma went to the La Crosse Interstate Fair and found a special youth event.

News 8 Eyepiece: Planting Kids

Between the labor shortage and customers behaving badly, meeting someone enthusiastic about their work is refreshing. Chief Photographer Chuck Oedsma met a whole group of them at Toddle Inn Childcare.

Eyepiece: Friends, Freedom, and Freestyle

Some of the world's best athletes are competing at the Winter Olympics ... which is underway in Beijing. Photographer Tanner Hemker takes us to Mount La Crosse..... to highlights the talent…

Eyepiece: Carving club

Winter can be perfect to carve some time out of your schedule and pick up a new hobby. In this EyePiece, Chief photographer Chuck Oedsma takes a closer look at a local club where they help each other chip away…