FDA targets illegal nicotine gummies in new warning letter

U.S. regulators have issued a warning letter to the maker of illegal nicotine gummies. The Food and Drug Administration says the gummies pose a growing risk to teenagers and younger children. In its warning Thursday, the FDA said the fruit-flavored gummies from Florida manufacturer VPR Brands could cause nicotine poisoning or even death if eaten by small children. Regulators also cited recent research suggesting nicotine candies and lozenges are becoming more popular among high school students. The warning comes as the FDA is under pressure to crack down on electronic cigarettes and other products containing laboratory-made nicotine.

Pence tells GOP to stop lashing out at FBI over Trump search

Former Vice President Mike Pence is imploring fellow Republicans to stop lashing out at the FBI over the search of Donald Trump’s Florida home. And Pence is denouncing calls by some of the former president’s allies to defund the FBI, saying that is “just as wrong” a push by Democratic activists to shift money from police. Pence also says he'd give “due consideration” if asked to testify before the House committee investigating the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Pence's pleas for restraint come as law enforcement officials warn of an escalating number of violent threats targeting federal agents and government facilities since agents last week searched Mar-a-Lago.

Girl Scouts add a new raspberry cookie to the lineup

The Raspberry Rally, described in a release as a "sister" cookie to the iconic Thin Mints, replaces the mint filling with a raspberry-flavored one. It's dipped in the "same delicious chocolaty coating" as its sibling.

US retail sales were flat in July as inflation takes a toll

The pace of sales at U.S. retailers was unchanged last month as persistently high inflation and rising interest rates forced many households to spend more cautiously. Retail purchases were flat in July after having risen 0.8% in June, the Commerce Department reported. America’s consumers, whose spending accounts for nearly 70% of economic activity, have remained mostly resilient even with inflation near a four-decade high, economic uncertainties rising and mortgage and other borrowing rates surging. Still, their overall spending has weakened, and it has shifted increasingly toward necessities like groceries and away from discretionary items like home goods, casual clothes and electronics.