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FACT CHECK: Wisconsin legislature did not vote to recall its electoral votes for Joe Biden

WISC-TV/Channel3000MADISON — A resolution introduced in the Assembly Tuesday by a Republican representative to pull back Wisconsin’s ten electoral votes for Joe Biden is illegal and will die in committee, leading Republicans say. “Not only is it illegal, it’s just plain unconstitutional,” Assembly majority leader Jim Steineke tweeted of the resolution introduced by Rep. Timothy Ramthun. Steineke, who is not…

No result in 3rd round of vote for new Italian president

ROME (AP) — The third round of voting by Italian lawmakers for a new Italian president ended inconclusively on Wednesday, sending political parties into yet more intense negotiations to come up with a viable candidate to replace President Sergio Mattarella, whose term expires next week.

German lawmakers debate possible COVID vaccine mandate

BERLIN (AP) — Germany's parliament on Wednesday began a debate on a possible wide-ranging coronavirus vaccine mandate, with three main options on the table so far: obligatory vaccinations for all adults, just for everyone 50 and above, or no mandate at all.

Progressive Nina Turner running again for US House in Ohio

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Progressive Democrat Nina Turner is making another run at a Cleveland-area U.S. House seat in Ohio, the former state senator and top surrogate for Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign announced Wednesday.

Russia threatens retaliation if Ukraine demands not met

MOSCOW (AP) — Russia warned Wednesday it would quickly take “retaliatory measures” if the U.S. and its allies reject its security demands over NATO and Ukraine, raising pressure on the West amid concerns that Moscow is planning to invade its neighbor.

EU, G5 countries meet amid turmoil in Mali, Burkina Faso

BRUSSELS (AP) — Officials from the European Union and five countries of the north African Sahel are meeting Wednesday as the bloc readies to impose sanctions on Mali and as political turmoil roils Burkina Faso. The Europeans are also deeply concerned about the activities of Russian mercenaries in the region.

China blasts US over reports of withdrawing diplomatic staff

BEIJING (AP) — China on Wednesday expressed “serious concerns and dissatisfaction” with the United States over reports of an internal State Department request to allow the departure of diplomats and their families from China amid tightening anti-pandemic measures.