Bangor Cardinals

Assignment: Education - Bangor iPads

One of the newest pieces of technology on the market is now in the hands of every middle school student in Bangor. In this Assignment: Education report, we'll take a look at this major purchase made by Bangor Middle School during these tough economic times and how educators see it as the right place to spend their money.

Farming for the Hungry

There was a dramatic increase in hunger in the United States in 2008, 2009 and 2010. That's according to World Hunger Education Services. So far this year, there appears to be a slight decrease in hunger.

June Top Notch Teacher

Sine, cosine and tangent. Do you remember these terms? While some of us do... there are others that would do anything to forget them. But there is a teacher in our area that is subtracting the pain of learning math for many students. She is June's Top Notch Teacher.