Fix the Hog: Harley, Westinghouse ordered to fix warranties

Federal regulators have accused Harley-Davidson and Westinghouse of imposing illegal warranty terms on customers and ordered them to fix their warranties and ensure that their dealers compete fairly with independent repair-makers. The Federal Trade Commission announced the action against the motorcycle maker and MWE Investments, which makes Westinghouse-brand outdoor power generators and related equipment. The FTC said the companies have imposed illegal warranty terms that voided customers’ warranties if they used anyone other than the companies and their authorized dealers to get parts or repairs _ restricting consumers’ choices and costing them more money.

Gas prices sting US workers who depend on their cars

Millions of Americans who rely on their cars for work are changing their habits, signing up for carpools or even ditching their cars for bicycles as gas prices recently hit $5 per gallon for the first time ever. This week, it’s averaging $4.95 per gallon nationwide, up from $3.06 per gallon a year ago, according to AAA. Some help could be on the way. On Wednesday, President Joe Biden asked Congress to suspend federal gas taxes for three months, which would shave 18.4 cents per gallon off the price of gas. He also called on states to suspend their own gas taxes. But in the meantime, gas is straining budgets.

Xcel Energy will be first in U.S. to add all-electric bucket trucks

The new truck features two electric sources: one for the drive train and one for the lift mechanism. It has a 135-mile driving range and the ability to operate the bucket for a full workday on a single charge. Xcel Energy crews plan to use these trucks during a pilot program. Feedback from that pilot period of 6-12 months will hep Xcel make sure the vehicles are dependable.

Kwik Trip, Festival to offer gas rewards program

Skogen's Festival Foods and Kwik Trip will partner up to offer one cent off per gallon Kwik Trip fuel purchases for every $10 spent at Festival Foods. $100 grocery purchase through the Festival Foods Gas Rewards Program, for example, means the following fill-up at a Kwik Trip would cost 10 cents per gallon less.