Catch this: Kleman & Kohlwey’s can’t-miss streaks

Don’t curse it and don’t waste your time trying to comprehend, because even La Crosse Logan High School pitcher Jordyn Kleman and UW-La Crosse outfielder Taylor Kohlwey don’t know how each other is pulling off this nonsense.

“Everyone tells me it is really impressive but I just kind of roll with it,” Kleman said.

“I really was not even thinking about it until everyone else starting telling me about it,” Kohlwey said.

Kleman and her streak of four consecutive no-hitters over a six-day span was halted last Friday thanks to a bunt, which is major no-no in the “unwritten rule book.”

“That happened to me last year too,” Kleman said. “I threw a no-hitter and then a perfect game to start the season and the first hit I gave up was a bunt so I guess that is what gets me.”

Meanwhile, just down the road Kohlwey is hitting .493 to go with a current 42 game hit streak, the 4th longest in Division 3 history. And all this comes after a junior season where he put together a separate string of 37 straight games with a base hit.

Two tremendous tales, right here in town. The only question left is, ‘Which streak is more impressive?’

“Probably a 42-game hit streak, that is a lot longer than four no hitters,” Kleman said.

“First of all, pitching four times in six days that is impressive alone, and then throwing four no hitters?” Kohlwey said.

“That is just insane.”