Cashton Football proud of historic campaign ahead of Level 4 matchup

Even before kickoff tonight against Reedsville for the Division 7 semifinals, this year’s Cashton Football team has gone further than any Eagle team since the 1981 championship squad.

A consistent running game totaling over 3,000 yards this season, along with a defense that’s allowed just 11 points a game, makes for a winning formula. And with less than 10 seniors on this team, Cashton believes this kind of season will be more of a tradition than an outlier.

“As a young team and what I’ve done and what our teammates have, I think we have bigger things in the future to come,” sophomore Bret Hemmersbach said.

“I’m very proud,” junior running back Colin O’Neil added. “Not a lot of people can say that they’re still playing football this far into November so it’s pretty cool. We’ve got everything to be proud of no matter what happens the rest of the year.”