Cashton community turning old t-shirts into new green bags

The Greener Cashton: Bag Brigade set up at Cashton High School Sunday to make cheap, reusable bags out of donated t-shirts.

People could get bags made from their own shirt collections or they could donate extra shirts for bags that will be available at Cashton stores.

Emma Mason, the project coordinator for Greener Cashton: Bag Brigade, said the Cashton community cares about the environment and sustainability, and was eager to help out.

“I have really noticed: This project hasn’t take a lot of work. Because as you talk about it, people are already curious about all of those things and they want to find a way to make it part of their lives,” said Mason.

20 volunteers helped out with the event, which was the third of its kind.

Organizers say that while people may be familiar with the effects plastic pollution can have on turtles and other sea life, there are local impacts that can be overlooked.

“We have a lot of livestock around here, and those bags: They’re like little balloons. They just get filled with air and go everywhere. So, animals eat them. They also get into our sewage system, and we then have to pay to fix that too. And they just look ugly.”

Americans use an estimated 100 billion plastic bags each year.

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