Caregiver Coach program in La Crosse Co. gets funding boost

A service provided by the La Crosse County Aging Unit as a support system to family caregivers gets a funding boost.

The La Crosse Co. Aging Unit just received $100,000 in funding from the Helen Bader Foundation for its Caregiver Coach program. The foundation renewed its grant.

The services act as a mentor for people taking care of their loved ones in need.

The foundation helps improve the quality of life for thousands of people living in Wisconsin. 

A representative from the aging unit says cuts in long term care in the state’s proposed budget make the recent grant more important than ever.

“Drastic measures, drastic changes will take place in that budget that are not well thought out, haven’t had input from agencies and more importantly people who get services,” said La Crosse Co.’s Aging Unit Dir. Noreen Holmes. 

The money from the grant will help the care-giver program last another two years.