Capitol Clash into the Classroom: La Crescent teacher addresses historic events

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – After the historic events that took place yesterday, teachers all over the country are grappling with ways to have a productive conversation in class. A classroom in the La Crescent School District allotted time on Thursday to give students the opportunity to talk about their personal feelings toward the Capitol’s breach.

Teachers across the country are opening the door to conversations about Wednesday’s breach of the Capitol in D.C.

“A lot of students just want to know more. They’re curious and shocked at what they see,” said world history teacher Brittany Schilla.

Eleventh grade students at La Crescent High School were given the opportunity to to talk about their feelings.

“It’s also kind of scary in a way,” said one student.

“It’s kind of embarrassing.”

To turn these feelings into a learning opportunity, Mrs. Schilla started today’s lesson with vocab words.

“Any words that I came up with as I was reading that I thought are going to keep coming up that students would have questions about,” said Schilla.

Today’s lesson was unique and incredibly new.

“Since I teach world history, we talk about things that happening thousands of years ago, and it’s not always something that they can easily relate to, like this is something they can relate to,” said Schilla.

The homework that wasn’t assigned, watching history unfold.

“And they were talking to these Senators that we’re stuck in there,” said Schilla.

“They see things a lot more clearly than we expect kids to see things. They understand a lot more than we give them credit for.”

She left her classes today with one message.

“I said, you are fortunate and unfortunate enough to be witnessing history. You’re fortunate because you can see things first hand, and learn from them. You’re unfortunate because it’s not pretty, it’s sometimes a little scary,” said Schilla.