Candidates for Wisconsin’s 32nd Senate Seat share their views on the state’s election process

Republican Dan Kapanke and Democrat Brad Pfaff debate the issues

Election day is just two weeks away and candidates in another local race are sharing why they believe they are the best fit.
Republican Dan Kapanke and Democrat Brad Pfaff took part in a debate earlier today.

The pair is seeking to win Wisconsin’s 32nd Senate seat, which is  a rematch of the 2004 race for the same seat.
Kapanke won that race 16 years ago and held the seat until 2011.

On the first day of in-person absentee voting in the state, Kapanke says he plans to vote in person on election day and believes suspicious things have probably happened with ballots outside the state but he trusts things will be safe here.

Kapanke said, “We’ve seen around the country that there have been people that have received several absentee ballots. And we’ve seen absentee ballots that have been in a garbage can. So there are concerns about that. But in Wisconsin, we can vote on election day. We can vote 14 days prior to the election. And we can vote absentee. And we have a history here in Wisconsin of doing things right and hopefully that continues in 2020.”

Brad Pfaff says he’ll vote in-person absentee and trusts the election process in the state.

“I believe in the integrity of election process. We hear an awful lot of fear factors about ballots ending up in dumpsters or in ditches. I trust our county clerks. I trust our city clerks. I think that they’re doing a very good job. And I believe that the people of this district and this state can have confidence that their vote will be counted and it will be respected.”

Coming up October 28-th, Democratic incumbent Ron Kind and Republican challenger Derrick Van Orden will meet for a debate.
The two are seeking to win the Wisconsin 3-rd Congressional district seat.
Like this afternoon’s debate it will be streamed live on news8000 dot com.
That is also where you can find streams of today’s debate along with three debates from last week.

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