Candidates for Attorney General visit La Crosse

Both agree sexual assaults, domestic violence should be a priority

Both candidates for Wisconsin’s Attorney General campaigned in La Crosse on Tuesday.

Democrat Susan Happ spoke at the AFL-CIO conference. She spoke to a large audience about her plans if elected.

Republican Brad Schimel announced his plan to combat violence against women at UW-La Crosse Tuesday. One of his suggestions creates a statewide Good Samaritan law which would allow a person who witnessed or was the victim of a crime to come forward even if, for example, they are in possession of a controlled substance.

Making sexual assaults and domestic violence a priority is something both candidates agree on.

“We do need to leverage the emotions that the public is feeling right now about this issue. We do need to leverage that into action. We can’t just be angry; we’ve got to do something. And that’s a real opportunity for the department of justice and the attorney general,” said Schimel.

“We take it seriously, that we won’t tolerate it, and that we’re going to create new avenues of attacking these types of offensives, I think that is a positive that can come from something that was obviously was extremely violent and negative,” said Happ.

The winner will take over for J.B. Van Hollen who chose not to run for re-election.

Polls open six weeks from Tuesday.