Candidates for 94th Assembly seat talk education funding

The candidates for Wisconsin’s 94th state assembly district seat are sharing their views on education.

State Representative Steve Doyle says state aid has been cut too much in the past six years which is causing more school districts to resort to referendums to cover operating costs.

However, his opponent in November, Republican Julian Bradley, says funding for several area schools has gone up recently and should continue into the future.

“What the state is doing is shifting that burden onto the property taxpayer, and that’s one of the things that I’m hearing when I travel around my district is people are tired of that,” said Rep. Steve Doyle (D).

“People like to talk about the cuts, but we’ve actually seen increases. The La Crosse School District, the Onalaska School District, West Salem, Melrose-Mindoro, we’ve seen increases across the board in funding in all of those areas, I wanted to make sure those continue to happen,” said challenger Julian Bradley (R).

Doyle and Bradley will face off on the ballot on November 8th.