Candidate for Wis. Attorney General visits La Crosse

Susan Happ visits La Crosse farmers market

If you’re a candidate running for office and want to show your roots there’s no better place than a farmers market.

That’s where Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s attorney general Susan Happ was Friday.

She talked with potential voters at Cameron Park in La Crosse.

Happ is currently in her second term as Jefferson County District Attorney. She said being a democrat in a very republican county is proof she deserves the nomination.

“As a rural democrat, it’s very important that voters know I am going to represent all of our citizens, I’m an advocate for people across the isle but also for people in the smaller communities who really want to know that their next attorney general is going to truly represent their interest and care about the things that they care about,” said Happ.

Happ was elected district attorney for Jefferson County in 2008.