Cancellations to study abroad programs leave some UWL students with missed opportunities

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Many UW-La Crosse students are losing their opportunity to study abroad due to the pandemic.

According to the Department of International Education & Engagement, all summer programs are canceled.

In the coming weeks, the University will decide if the Fall and full academic year programs will go on.

As of now, about 20 students are still planning on studying abroad, but know that it’s likely they won’t be able to go.

Some departments have study abroad requirements for students.

Now, they have to make changes to the curriculum.

Along with changes to programs, staff overseeing them have been reappointed or reduced by 50%.

Even though faculty have an increased workload, they’re fully committed to the students.

“We’re still a very passionate and engaged staff. We believe in these experiences because they are transformative and we’re committed to working with students, faculty, and families to make sure these are available,” said Emelee Volden, Director of International Education & Engagement.

Volden says UWL’s international program and university partners plan to offer virtual international learning opportunities and internships to students impacted by these cancelations.