Campaign 2020: Minnesota partisan primary evening update

(WKBT) – Minnesota experienced a surge in absentee and early voting ahead of Tuesday’s primary.

The results of some races may not be immediately known because officials must count mail-in ballots that trickle in later under safety rules imposed due to the pandemic.

Minnesota is looking at a potential of more than 850,000 mail-in ballots.

Here is a look at the initial results from Tuesday evening.


Incumbent U.S. Senator Tina Smith faced democratic challengers Steve Carlson, Ahmad Hassan, Paula Overby, and Christopher Lovell Seymoure Sr. in the fight to run as the DFL candidate in that race.

On Tuesday evening Smith was well ahead with 82% of the votes.

Smith has served in the seat since January 2018 and received the DFL endorsement earlier this summer.

Republicans John Berman, Bob Carney Jr., Cynthia Gail, James Reibestein, and former-U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis vied for the GOP slot on the ticket.

Lewis took the lead with 79% of the votes.

Lewis has been endorsed by the Minnesota GOP.


There was a four-way race for Mayor in Winona: City Council member Michelle Alexander, former school board member Ted Hazelton, downtown business owner Jovy Rockey, and Trinona Co-Executive Director Scott Sherman.

Rocky was in the lead at 37%, Alexander and Sherman were tied at 28%.

The top two vote-getters are moving on to the general election on November 3rd.

These results are not final.

Click here to see the full list of election results.