Calls for justice ring through Downtown La Crosse following the police shooting death of Daunte Wright

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A large group of protesters gathered at Riverside Park Thursday evening before marching through Downtown La Crosse.

Organized by the high school group, “Black Student Leaders,” they’re calling for justice following the shooting death of Daunte Wright – another Black man killed at the hands of police.

The group brought community members together to connect with one another; listening and sharing the trauma, pain, and hurt many have been feeling over this past year.

One organizer said the impact of the deaths of Daunte Wright, George Floyd, and far too many others goes beyond the Black community.

“I think it affects everyone. The fact that we have social media, you can see it all if you live in Chicago, Madison, Atlanta – you’re able to see what’s going on. It affects you because it could be your father, cousin, anybody. Or even nobody you know. But another Black person – it’s really hurtful no matter where you are,” said Chaya Davis, Black Student Leaders President.

Davis said this demonstration was about more than calls for justice and condemning police violence against Black people.

It was also about coming together to build a stronger community for all.