Caledonia’s Matt Jergenson finds calling as a runner

By their senior year, most high school students know where there passion lies – whether it’s music, academics, or sports.  

For Caledonia’s  Matt Jergenson, athletics has always been like a box of chocolates, you never quite know what you’re gonna get.

 “He never stops,” says Caledonia High School long distance coach Jimmy Westland.  “He went from soccer to basketball to track and in the summer is when he works the hardest.”


Jergenson decided to pursue a new route last Fall when he joined the cross country team.

A team he was the only member of.”I felt kind of separated at the meets when all the other teams would be warming up together,” recalls Jergenson. 

“But it was interesting to me because just running on the grass and through the woods and stuff, I just wanted to see how I could do with that.”

It’s special enough to consider that he could participate in soccer and run cross country in the same season.

Then Jergenson went on to the MSHSL State Tournament and claimed a second place finish.

“He finished in second on the last step,” says Westland.

And his photo finish was a surprise to everyone considering whey he even went out for the sport in the first place.”Really the only reason he came out was to get in shape for basketball,” says Westland.”I kind of got hooked on it a little bit and found out that if I worked hard at it that I could succeed,” adds Jergenson.  “And I kind of ran with it from there.”

Jergenson can’t seem to run enough.

And all the miles he’s put on has earned him a very distinct nickname.

“Forest Gump said he just felt like running and I guess it’s not something people around Caledonia do,” says Jergenson with a wide smile.

“So I guess that would make me the Forest Gump of Caledonia.”

Jergenson has run his way to a scholarship at the University of Minnesota to run cross country and track next season.

Before he dons the maroon and gold, Caledonia’s most well-known runner wants to finish his Warrrior career like it started, at the State Tournament.