Business leaders learn more about impacts of overtime changes

Financial and morale concerns discussed at forum

Business leaders from across the area gathered in La Crosse Monday to learn more about possible changes to overtime pay.

The proposal, which was laid out by President Obama during his visit to La Crosse in July, would raise the threshold for guaranteed overtime pay among salaried workers.

Monday’s forum was a chance for employers to ask questions about how the changes would affect them and learn ways to make the transition easier to handle.

“This impact’s people’s wages and nothing has more impact on morale than any sort of adjustments to wages,” said La Crosse Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Vicki Markussen. “It has to be tread with a human feel as well as a financial feel.”

Right now the change to the overtime pay structure is still proposed. The Department of Labor is currently holding a public comment period until September 4th.

The Obama administration doesn’t need the approval of Congress to make the changes.