Bulletproof vests worth the cost to La Crosse Police following August shooting

The bulletproof vest that La Crosse Officer Dustin Darling wore early august when he was shot by a suspect on a domestic call most likely saved his life.

“That incident really hallmarks the importance of the investment that the La Crosse Police Department puts in their equipment, like the ballistic vest.”

La Crosse Police Captain Jason Melby showcased the effectiveness of the bullet proof vests in life-or-death situations by firing three rounds at a vest.

All three bullets fired were caught in the Kevlar lining in the vest.

“There’s a few little dimples there. You have a Kevlar lined material inside of here, that prevents the bullet from going through.”

The Kevlar vests became a necessity for the department, as police calls have gotten more violent.

“We’ve seen a spike in the number of people we’re arresting for possession of a firearm.”

The vests aren’t cheap. They cost 1,000 dollars and need to be replaced every five years.

“Departments are realizing there’s no value on a human life.”

Thanks to the vest, Officer Darling is expected to make a full recovery and a return to the force.

“That officer did an incredible job keeping his composure after being shot in the vest.”

Making the cost of the vests, a small price to pay.

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