Budget Reduction Plan to be considered by La Crosse faces nearly $4.5 million budget shortfall

$2.5 million of cuts would impact city departments

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The City of La Crosse is looking at cutting millions of dollars from its budget.

A budget reduction plan to be discussed at a special common council meeting on Thursday lists nearly $4.5 million of revenue shortfall.

To make up for that, the city’s executive budget team has a plan that will go before the council.

A hiring freeze would save the city $564,712.

And a healthcare premium holiday would save $750,000.

A big chunk would impact the city’s departments.

They would see $2.5 million of cuts.

In the cuts listed in the memo, $525,000 would be cut from the La Crosse Public Library’s budget.

And $500,000 would be cut from each of the Parks and Rec and Streets departments.

$400,000 would also be cut from the La Crosse Center budget.

The La Crosse Police and Fire Department would feel the pinch too.

Both departments are facing $100,000 reductions.

More details are available here:

Council Memorandum-Budget Reductions 2020