Brownsville Outlook plays host to migrating Tundra Swans

BROWNSVILLE, Minn. (WKBT) — With the cold weather incoming, birds are migrating south for the winter.

At Brownsville Outlook, thousands of birds stop there before heading off to a warmer climate. This also includes the Tundra Swan.

According to experts, they are expecting a huge turnout of birds and ask the public to be mindful of the swans’ space

“The birds need our help, they’re tired and hungry from their migrations down this far,” said Naturalist Joni Welda. “We can do our part by leaving them alone, getting out of the avoidance areas so they can rest.”

If you are interested in seeing the swans, experts recommend bundling up and bringing your binoculars.

Naturalists will also be onsite to answer any questions on Saturdays and Sundays until Nov. 20.