Brownsville home hit by rockslide

After heavy rains Tuesday night, one Brownsville, Minnesota home took a beating.
But it wasn’t a flood that caused all the destruction.

A boulder, weighing well over 7,000 pounds, went through a house which was recently remodeled.

Homeowners Tom and Tina Bjerke were getting ready for work at 7 a.m., when a giant rock slid down a hill and into their home.

“I thought we were having a mudlside was my first thoughts, and then after seeing all the rocks and going outside, we saw that the hill had let loose and knocked about four to five big rocks off the hill,” said Tom.

Major rainfalls just the night before forced the rocks down the hill. And those who stopped by to help, say there’s not much they can do to prevent more rocks from falling.

“There is not a lot you can do on the hill because it’s such a steep hill, it goes way up, its just very steep so it’s just nature’s way of talking to us,” said Tim Davison, a volunteer helper.

And with nature, comes a high price to pay.

“We just remodeled and finished the house and we moved in in February, so it’s kind of a shocking thing,” said Tom.

Despite the shock of their own home nearly falling apart, Tom says luck, even through what may have seemed like an unlucky situation, still played a role.

“We’re just lucky you know, nobody got hurt lucky the rocks didn’t go in the house farther, lucky we weren’t sleeping still, so we’re pretty lucky, pretty fortunate,” said Tom.

They are now figuring out ways to clean up some of the damage that has been done and they’re trying the best they can to prevent more damage from happening.
The last major damage in Brownsville took place in in 2007, when a mudslide completely took down a three-story, bluff-side house.