Bridge on state, national registers of historic places vandalized

A more than 100-year-old bridge on the state and national registers of historic places was defaced by graffiti. According to the Friends of McGilvray Road, Bridge 4 was vandalized at the beginning of September.

The paint was discovered on Sept. 2 and the graffiti likely occurred shortly before then, according to a post by the group on Facebook. It was promptly reported to the La Crosse County Sheriff”s Department, according to the organization’s president.

McGilvray Road is located in the Van Loon Wildlife area in La Crosse County. It features five rare bowstring arch truss bridges and one low truss bridge, according to the organization’s website.

The road and its bridges are open only to pedestrian traffic.

The organization’s president says they will have to work with the historical society and the Department of Natural Resources to receive input before any repairs are made. The cost to remove the graffiti could not be easily determined at this time, given the age of the bridge and its location in a wildlife area.

If anyone has any information as to the individual(s) who has done this, you are asked to contact:

Ruth Scholze, Friends of McGilvray Road

The DNR also has a reporting hotline that may be used if you have information on this crime. ” data-lynx-mode=”async” data-lynx-uri=”–xTuZp2of2mViJm0sHXlVxRA_jdmno0chkJmfEU1T5kO8GtojCZxIL5VA_LkUpMA-HlX5vBVJvt3PFhGQf6pFa_UgtvaM6rP-eCgXyUTRWv798K4lTWa0VEED4FIJI6jifGinMm3kOLACTZJvRsI1MgD3-RR-XAiMytQWpPmSjyoYY1Tzlh9JaO1WJJ5PSRI9F7cRJ2gru9-fEYBUErS0zwgEbNcxX9Aj7kPEw46eXSiQ1Vo6HLuLQ9ErA5j-EYFVXU3Xvn-05w4vOlqZsiNixPX2Hka1SLSKUVpdr27Bs-0alP9IYVfWsuODUbNNxr2R0H1BRVRVx7uU4WLj88ER_0KWL5l7LT0MZUCirxJmIx43-Ejr7tBGNeqe4W7Ha-kFH_IkHYsAiZJrwLQiaRZGFit0O_Gdul-aUU8_9WqjqGxhSQFrDotV2GwTLZbC08qKUmhZ2N5_NOMP2XcwHOLIYDD64_K58l-EpnepDQHlWZlF8dNcT2SPLdl8Sn4bBeKY” href=”” rel=”noopener nofollow” target=”_blank”>

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