Congressman Kind: Van Orden views politics as ‘a blood sport’

LA CROSSE (WKBT) — The Democratic candidate for Wisconsin’s 3rd Congressional District is bringing in an old friend during this final campaign push.

Outgoing 3rd District Representative Ron Kind joined Brad Pfaff at a campaign event in La Crosse on Thursday.

Kind decided not to seek reelection after more than 20 years in Congress.

Pfaff’s opponent Republican Derrick Van Orden narrowly lost to Kind two years ago.

Kind says Pfaff is the kind of person voters should send to the House.

“We need more Brad Pfaffs in Washington and Madison these days, than what we’re getting with these other candidates. And unfortunately, I think Derrick Van Orden fits that other category. When I ran against him two years ago, it’s been nothing but attack politics. He views politics as a blood sport,” said Kind.

Brad Pfaff also addressed that he has not had any debates with Van Orden, saying “debates are like a job interview and Van Orden didn’t go through the basics of a job interview.”

Van Orden sent this statement to News 8 Now:

“While Brad Pfaff is holding press conferences with career politicians, we go to where the people are. We’ve put over 180,000 miles on our vehicles during the campaign and are doing over 100 stops in the last 20 days of this race. This is what we are hearing from our neighbors: inflation is making it hard to buy groceries, make rent, and pay their bills. They’re worried about the fentanyl that is coming across the open border and killing their children. They are worried about the woke agenda being pushed in schools.

The job I am applying for is Representative, and that is what I plan on doing if sent to DC: representing the people of the 3rd.”