Bond denied for Allen C. Kruk, man who shot La Crosse Police Officer

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Bond has been denied for the man who shot La Crosse Police Officer, Dustin Darling, last summer.

Allen C. Kruk, 34, was charged with first degree intentional homicide after police responded to a domestic call at 317 9th St. S, La Crosse, on August 3.

According to the criminal complaint, Kruk was at the back of the home when officers arrived and was asked to get out of the house before pulling out a gun and shooting Officer Darling once in his bullet proof vest.

Darling in self-defense fired back, hitting Kruk several times. Darling and Kruk have both recovered from their physical injuries since then.

Kruk entered a plea of not guilty to attempted homicide in December.

La Crosse County Judge Romona Gonzalez denied Kruk’s request on Jan. 3 for a $50,000 cash bond.