Board of Public Works looks into long-term solution for basement flooding

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The City of La Crosse is trying to find a long-term solution for residents dealing with flooding issues.

Some homeowners need to pump water from their basements into city streets.

But pumping homes with older foundations can cause structural damage, only making the problem worse.

It’s also something the city would like to steer away from doing because it can cause hazards.

One potential fix the Board of Public Works is discussing is filling in basements.

Some members say this is one of the more cost-effective solutions because pumping water out can increase homeowners’ electric bills and it doesn’t prevent future flooding.

However, filling in basements isn’t reasonable for some homes.

“It’s great if we fill these basements, but not all homeowners can move their appliances to the first-floor level,” said Andrea Richmond, Chair of the Floodplain Advisory Committee.

The Board would like to sit down with homeowners to give them a better understanding of all possible solutions.

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The City of La Crosse does have a Floodplain Relief Program for people in need of assistance.