BNSF: No adverse effects of train derailment on environment

Officials from BNSF say there are no adverse effects to fish and other wildlife in the area of last month’s train derailment in Alma.

Thirty-two tankers carrying ethanol derailed in early November with five of those cars leaking ethanol into the Mississippi River.

BNFS said they’ve been working with the DNR and the EPA ever since the derailment to take water samples and so far no agency has found any signs of harm to wildlife.

The rail company says they’ll continue to monitor water quality as a precautionary measure.

Representative Ron Kind praises BNSF for the way they’ve handled the incident but said it could have been much worse.

“We’re lucky it was ethanol and that wasn’t the Bakken oil. It’s been one of our great fears in this area. If that Bakken oil were to be released in the Upper Mississippi, the beautiful wildlife refuge that we have, that ecosystem damage would be incalculable,” said Rep. Ron Kind, (D) 3 rd Congressional District.

The federal budget, which Kind helped pass, includes several rail safety measures. However, he said more needs to be done and he hopes to pass more rail regulations once Congress returns to Washington after the holidays.