Blood drive honors life and legacy of La Crosse teen

Anthony Fimple believed in donation in life and death

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)-  The holidays are a time for giving tfamily, friends, even strangers. A young, La Crosse man killed over the summer was well known for his kindness and generosity.  Wednesday people in La Crosse showed up to honor him and give a little bit of themselves. 

Some of the best gifts never make it under the Christmas tree.  They’re not wrapped in ribbons or bows, but they always come from the heart.  

Gus Fimple will share his favorite gift with anyone he can. The gift of good memories of his 19-year old son Anthony. “He’s here in spirit. He was a blood donor and he ended up being an organ donor.”, explains Fimple.

Time has done little to ease the pain of losing a child to gun violence. The Fimples’ have found some comfort doing the things Anthony loved to do, like donating blood. “If we can take anything away it’s that this is a kindness you can do for your community; to give,”

Anthony’s parents are spreading compassion by sharing their son’s story and rolling up their sleeves, like Anthony did countless times, to give the gift of life. 

One after another, after another, friends and strangers joined them to give a bit of themselves. “If this is the one thing I can do to give back I will gladly do it time and time again.”, says Melissa Reese.  

Their blood will be used at local hospitals.  Their words of compassion gifted to the Fimple’s.Just to hear people say so many nice things about him and to know this is bigger than all of us. It’s about the community.” community, like the Fimple’s, that’s still grieving. “The cliché is life goes on, and it does.” His parents are finding strength through Anthony’s legacy; sharing gifts of compassion and kindness, and the love in their hearts.He’s always with me.”

Anthony received blood allowing doctors to save his organs until they could be harvested for donation.  According to his dad, Anthony has saved at least six lives.