Black River Falls welcomes a new 100 foot mural

BLACK RIVER FALLS, Wis. (WKBT)- “I wanted something to attract people to the downtown area of Black River Falls to help businesses and bring people to the community,” said the owner of Karma New and Used, Dave Hutch.

But not everyone saw this as art.

“Well the initial reaction was to the graffiti looking start to the project, and I received many emails and phone calls concerned about what it would do to the downtown,” said City Administrator, Brad Chown.

That, however, has changed.

“Now the response has been hey have you seen what the mural is looking like, it looks pretty cool. did you see the new car,” said Hutch.

Karma New and Used in downtown Black River Falls is paying Cody Sanderson to create this 100-foot Mural.

“This wall is all spray paint, sometimes in certain situations, we use paint markers, but I don’t know, I just like using spray paint, to me it’s easy I’ve been using it my whole life,” said the artist, Cody Sanderson.

But not always to rave reviews.

“I mean I had dreams of it, but I didn’t think it was actually going to happen,” said Sanderson.

Cody moved to La Crosse when he was 12 and got in trouble growing up for painting graffiti on city parking ramps.

I didn’t actually think this could turn into a real job.”

Two months ago when the Mural was just getting started, community members were calling the city, complaining about it.

Little did they know, the graffiti they hated would turn into a mural they love.

“If you see me painting a wall and it’s a bunch of graffiti just wait it will look better in the end. I have an end process,” said Sanderson.

The graffiti may be in his past, but it will continue to be part of his art.