Black River Falls having fun with rival team’s attempt to poach QB Voss

We are just days away from our first Highlight Zone of the fall football season. We continue our previews with Black River Falls, a team that went 1-4 last spring with then-sophomore quarterback Evan Voss.

BRF usually throws most of the time, but they had size on the offensive line, so they decided to run more last season. Coach Vangen says in retrospect they probably should’ve just turned Voss loose through the air because of his talent and the Tigers’ identity as a throwing team.

For his part, Voss says he definitely had learning to do during his first season at QB.

“I definitely looked like a sophomore quarterback last year,” Voss said, smiling. “Went through a couple camps this summer, hit the weight room, and feels a lot better. Throwing motion looks a lot better in film, too.”

Voss still recorded almost 1,000 passing yards and 11 total touchdowns, so the talent was apparent, so much so that a rival school’s players actually tried to poach Voss from BRF this summer. When asked about it, Voss laughed and said he likes where he is. The news gave his head coach a good chuckle, too.

“I got awoken in the morning,” Vangen recalled. “I got a pretty good text letting me know my guys are being recruited. You hear about stuff like that in Texas and Florida. I’ve never heard about that in Wisconsin before. None of my friends who are in the coaching biz have ever heard of that before, so it’s a new one.

“I can’t blame them, because I get to sit and watch him in practice every day.”

They wouldn’t say which school it was, but they say Voss’s nickname this year is the mascot of the rival team. And apparently it wasn’t just Voss–a couple other Tigers got the recruiting pitch, too.

The Tigers will start the season at home Friday against Nekoosa.