Bitter debate taunts overpower Trump’s, Biden’s visions


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden met on the debate stage for the first time Tuesday night in Ohio.

Their mutual dislike was evident from the outset. Trump wasted no time going on offense, and his pugilistic approach left Biden fighting to complete a sentence.

But Biden came with a few retorts of his own.

The debate erupted in contentious exchanges over the coronavirus pandemic, job losses and how the Supreme Court will shape the future of the nation’s health care.

Fighting for an edge in their bitter campaign, the two men frequently interrupted each other with angry interjections, with Biden eventually snapping at Trump “Will you shut up, man?”

That was after the president badgered him over his refusal to comment on whether he would try to expand the Supreme Court in retaliation if Trump’s high court pick, Amy Coney Barrett, was confirmed to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

For voters still undecided about who would better handle the multiple crises that have beset the nation, the debate may not have offered anything new.

There is little doubt that it was the most acrimonious debate since they have been televised.