Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of La Crosse responds to video of priest attacking Catholics who are Democrats

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – The bishop of the Catholic Diocese of La Crosse is responding to a video of one of its priests attacking Catholics who are Democrats. The video, posted to Youtube already has almost 400,000 views.

A video by Father James Altman, the Priest at Saint James the Less Catholic Church here in La Crosse, is causing mixed reactions by those who have seen it.

The video, posted by a right wing media outlet, called Alpha News MN, shows Father Altman making claims against the Democratic party.

“To clueless baptized Catholics out there, you cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat. Period,” said Father Altman. “Their party platform is absolutely is against everything the Catholic Church teaches.”

“Repent your support of that party and it’s platform or face the fires of hell,” said Father Altman.

The comments section of our News 8000 Facebook page show diverse opinions among those who watched the video… Some people support Altman’s claims and others are appalled… people commented things like

“And THIS is why I am no longer a practicing Catholic,” said Laura Phillips.

“He’s right! They ARE a bunch of Psycho hypocrites,” said Jeff Dickson.

Now the Diocese of La Crosse is weighing in, at one point supporting Father Altman’s attempt to bring attention to important issues.

“When we approach issues that are contradictory to the Faith and teachings of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Church, particularly on abortion and other life issues, we should invite dialogue and heart-felt conversion to the truth,” said the La Crosse Diocese Bishop William Patrick Callahan.

On the other hand, clearly stating they are unhappy with his approach and some of his message.

“His generalization and condemnation of entire groups of people is completely inappropriate and not in keeping with our values or the life of virtue,” said Bishop William Patrick Callahan.

But in the end, if Father Altman doesn’t change his message, the church may have the last word.

“Canonical penalties are not far away if my attempts at fraternal correction do not work. I pray that Fr. Altman’s heart and eyes might be open to the error of his ways and that he might take steps to correct his behavior and heal the wound he has inflicted on the Body of Christ,” said Bishop William Patrick Callahan.

We contacted Saint James the Less Catholic Church multiple times today for an interview with Father Altman, but they declined.