Bird lovers continue 115-year-old tradition

Enthusiasts take part in annual bird count

Bird lovers took advantage of Sunday’s warm weather to continue a more than centuries-old tradition.

Bird enthusiasts grabbed their binoculars for the 115th annual Christmas Bird Count in Trempealeau County.

Citizen scientists from all over the country take part in the count  every year. Spotters found hundreds of individual birds Sunday, making up 20 different species.

They say the count is way to spot changes in bird species and populations, especially with on specific bird. “A bird we take for granted right here in the Coulee Region is the Northern Cardinal, seven years ago that was a rarity there, now it’s something we see all the time so there’s birds like that where you see changes with time,” said bird counter Dan Jackson.

The Coulee Region Audibon Society will hold their Bird Count next weekend.